Announcing the Paterno Liberal Arts Undergraduate Fellows Program

I am very pleased to report that today the College of Liberal Arts announced the new Paterno Liberal Arts Undergraduate Fellows Program:

Mr. Bill Schreyer, Mr. Bob Poole, Dean Chris Brady, Coach Joe PaternoUniversity Park, Pa. — The College of the Liberal Arts, in partnership with the Schreyer Honors College, announces the launch of the Paterno Liberal Arts Undergraduate Fellows Program. This landmark partnership will invigorate undergraduate education in Liberal Arts for hundreds of students and offer significant benefits to Schreyer students with Liberal Arts majors. This unique arrangement will extend the benefits of the Schreyer experience to many more students and will challenge students to the kind of high achievement, values, and integrity associated with the Paterno family name and the Schreyer Honors College.

Details about this program can be found on the College of Liberal Art’s website. In sum, this is a program that students would enter as early as their sophomore year and it epitomizes a Liberal Arts education. If a student is not already a Schreyer Scholar they would, upon successful application (which will be handled centrally through the SHC Gateway Admissions process),* be admitted concurrently to the SHC and the Paterno Fellows Program. For all of the details please do see the College of Liberal Art’s website, but I wanted to make clear two points about this new program and its relationship to the SHC.

  • All those admitted to the Paterno Fellows Program will also be admitted to the SHC. In other words, all Fellows are Scholars.
  • Liberal Arts students directly admitted to the SHC in their first year may apply to participate in the Paterno Fellows Program, but they are not required to do so. In other words, all Liberal Arts Scholars are not Fellows.

This is an exciting opportunity for our students and for the college and university to expand the role of honors at Penn State. There are bound to be some questions as this moves forward so please do not hesitate to contact me or post in the comments here.
* There are changes coming to the Gateway, so stay tuned!