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Guest post by:
Mark Buzzell
Development Committee Chair
Parent of Scholar Katie ’18

Our daughter Katie is now a junior and we are humbled that she is part of this special community at Penn State. The opportunities in the Schreyer Honors College and Penn State are endless. This past summer, she traveled to Brazil and Columbia with a small group of Schreyer students as part of an Honors course and returned back to Penn State to take advantage of a research opportunity.  She has also grown into leadership roles in her service sorority, where the magic of THON touches so many. During her freshman year, she competed on the PSU Crew team. All of these activities are helping her prepare for her career in nursing.

I recently attended the Schreyer Parents Council meeting on September 30 and returned home even more excited about the students, parents and staff that make the Schreyer Honors College so special.  This is the third year that Rachel and I have served on the Council and we have seen first-hand so many of the incredible accomplishments of our Scholars as well as the passion and support of those that help make this possible for them.

This year, I have been asked to Chair the Development Committee. I will be working with a dedicated and passionate SHC staff member, Morgan Delaware, as well as seven other Schreyer parents who care greatly about the College and making it even better for our current and future Scholars. We are all very proud to see the Schreyer Honors College continue to garner recognition in national rankings. However, we know we need to continue to work hard to grow the diversity of our students and stay ahead of changing trends and innovation, as well as provide scholarship support to deserving Scholars.

Each member on the Parents Council has met Scholars or heard stories of very deserving students that may not have had the opportunity to complete their studies if it wasn’t for the generosity of all of those who have given financial support to the Schreyer Parents and Family Fund. This fund provides assistance to Scholars in need. I can tell you that the Schreyer staff is very in tune with how to make these gifts to deserving students during critical times.

Our Development Committee looks forward to coming up with ways to share these stories with all of you as well as work together to secure financial support for the Parents and Family Fund. I hope all of you will take the time to thoughtfully consider how you may be able to help.  While we are all in the same boat of paying tuition for our Scholars, a gift of any amount could truly make a big difference for Scholars that are classmates and friends of our own sons and daughters.

For the Glory!

Mark Buzzell

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